Hello! If you are reading this you are either a.) a Family member or a friend. (Thanks for supporting me dudes) b.) follow me on twitter and read my shameless plug about my new blog or c.) came across this blog by complete accident through google or some other technological mystery.

However which way you ended up here though, I would like to say a warm hello and thanks for sticking with me so far…(2 sentences in!)
My name is Tash Brown and as the name of my blog suggests I am aiming to take control of my health and lose weight. A  total of 30 kilos to be precise. I am changing my life, one gym session and apple at a time.

I have found blogs such a positive resource and inspiration for me,  and at the risk of sounding completely arrogant-I am really proud of how far I have come -I am so excited about this process and have sound it so positive, I want to share it!
I have lost about six kilos so far. In my next post I will write an overview of how this idea came about, and a bit about my background. I have a history of weight issues, starting from when I was heavily involved in sports as a teenager, to my early twenties when I moved out of home and discovered the delights of share house living, and the bad food choices that come with it, right through to now, in my late 20’s, working full time and living with my boyfriend. Just your normal girl-except this girl wants to be able to wear singlets in summer and not worry about her ‘bingo wings’….(My sister read this draft and she didn’t know what bingo winge were-how about tuck shop arms?)

I would really like to stress that my blog title , ‘Fat to Phat’ does not have a negative meaning to me. I want to be healthy and happy- and the only reason I chose ‘Fat to Phat’ is because I think it sounded good. I do not want to be a stick figure. I want to be able to run. To buy clothes that I like, not because they fit.

My aim is for this to become firstly, a journal of my progress. I would be so happy if people  stumbled across this site and became inspired after reading some of the hurdles I have overcome. It is also important for me to be able look back upon the journey I have travelled, when perhaps I am not feeling the most positive.
I would also like this to be a resource of my favourite blog sites, related articles and perhaps even products that I have found really useful…who knows.
I will definitely be posting consistent measurements and weigh ins as I go along. This is purely a way of me to keep motivated and accountable! I have found it really encouraging and exciting to see the centimetres shrink slowly but surely.

I think humour and happiness is so important, so expect lots of funny stories (Remind me to write about the time I fell off the rower at the gym..) definitely a few knock off drinks and maybe even a guest blogger or two along for the ride.

I hope you stick it out with me. I welcome all positivity and suggestions along the way-please, say hello and let me know your thoughts!

Here we go!
Tash x